A few short weeks ago I wrote an imaginary blog post about a wished for day when public transport in our wider Liverpool works better than it does now and our city is no longer dominated by cars. While I’m still waiting for most of what I wrote about to come true, a small part of it happened today as Bold Street in town was closed to traffic, and therefore a joyous street party happened.

So I thought you’d like to have a look at how it all went so you can imagine how good it would be if it were like this all the time? And not just on Bold Street.

Works great doesn’t it? Finally makes proper sense of the square in between FACT and Bold Street Coffee and gives all the shops and cafés proper space for expanding into the street. For more customers and more sales of radical books by News From Nowhere!

It’s such a lovely street is Bold Street, one of our very best, and it’s great to be able to appreciate it all without cars all over the place.

And you’ll have noticed that not being able to park right outside these shops and restaurants hasn’t stopped people coming here? I have never in my life seen Bold Street this busy.

Even this lower section, closer to Church Street, that’s usually more or less pedestrianised, is busier than ever today.

“Welcome to Bold Street.”

Wouldn’t it be good if it could be like this all the time? Or at least every Sunday for now? Just while we all get used to the idea of “all the time?”

So yes, it was absolutely great. And so good of all the traders and the Liverpool BID to organise this try-out of my future vision so quickly after I’d written it.

Bold Street then. Let’s close it to traffic every Sunday for the rest of the summer? Then permanently. With all deliveries, to all the shops and cafés being handled by the ‘last mile’ bike services I recommended in “The Lifeblood of a City.” This is how we make a place fit for humans.

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Writing about life, Liverpool and anything else that interests me. As well as working with others to make the world a fairer and kinder place: http://asenseofplace.com.

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  1. surely this is a no brainer? The only reason to drive down Bold Street is to try to find a parking space on Bold Street. The street would be transformed if we just banned parking (apart from a few disabled spaces).
    Actually I’d go one step further, and aim for something like the night markets they have in many east Asian cities. Food and drink mixed with market stalls. Maybe even permanent canopies the length of the street?

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