Time in Holy Cross Church on the Woodchurch Estate and Flaybrick Memorial Gardens, Birkenhead, on National Heritage Weekend.

The practice of Evensong is apparently something early Christians derived from the Jewish faith, where prayers are offered for particular times of the day. I know this because Sarah and I spent our late Sunday afternoon this week at Evensong in Holy Cross Church, which is in the middle of the Woodchurch Estate in Wirral, and their order of service told me so.

Neither of us are Christians but were happy to be the gentiles in the corner while a beautiful place was celebrated by its congregation on this National Heritage weekend.

Earlier in the afternoon we’d visited Flaybrick Memorial Gardens in Birkenhead, another sacred place and one being carefully restored by Wirral Council and its own friends’ group.

At the top end of Bidston Avenue

This weekend and next, 21st and 22nd September 2019 the chapels at the centre of the cemetery are also open as part of this year’s National Heritage celebrations.

We spent a long time looking around. There’s a non-conformist chapel and an Anglican one, matching and either end of that central tower. Here’s how it is.

The place isn’t looking this beautiful without help. Whole trees have been cleared from the perspective you see here.

I could tell you stories of the history of here, of its foundation and the founders of Birkenhead who are buried here. But for me the history of the place began today on my first visit here, 150 years after it was built.

‘In the midst of life we are in death’

We walked away in the company of angels.

You can visit the chapels at Flaybrick next weekend, 12 noon to 3pm on 21st and 22nd September 2019. And find out more at their website.

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