New readers might not know that there’s a whole section of this blog written by my partner called ‘Letters From Sarah.’ Containing her reflections on life, nature and, here, the deep red horticulture of an autumn day in North Wales.


I spend a lot of time outside and a lot of time on the water on my sea kayaking trips through the year, where the colours are mainly blues, silvers and greys….

Bodnant - 19
3 November 2019 – a kayaking day starting at Borthwen, Anglesey.

And kayaking at this time of year seems especially precious. The days are short, the clocks have gone back and we’re entering the dwindling of the year. A contrast to the long days of the summer and especially so for me after my trip to the Outer Hebrides when it was light most of the time. But this is the other side of the light, the opposite time of the year. It’s all a balance this shadows and light, we only get the long summer days because of the short winter ones.

Anyway, one of the great joys of my regular sea kayaking trips to Anglesey this year has been discovering Bodnant Garden. Nestled in the Conwy valley, I’ve often visited there during my times in North Wales. A delightful land-based counterpoint to my time on the water.

Bodnant - 18

And autumn at Bodnant is most definitely crimson red right now.

Bodnant - 3

Bodnant - 1Bodnant - 2Bodnant - 4Bodnant - 5

The red is mainly seen in the leaves of the acers which are looking stunning – but also Cornus siberia (red dogwood stems), Callicarpa bodinieri (Beautyberry, which is purple not red but is lovely), red fruit of Cornus ‘Porlock’, and then some other plants I don’t know the names of.

A feast….

Bodnant - 21Bodnant - 20Bodnant - 17Bodnant - 16

Bodnant - 13Bodnant - 8

A feast for the eyes and for the soul, this crimson dwindling of the year.

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