After I’d brushed up the last few leaves and put the allotment to sleep for the winter I walked home.

Not to home now but home soon. Out of the gate and down a different road I walked into the future. In this history of now. The first walking of a walk that will become the usual walking, when the allotment wakes up with the springtime and home has become nearby. Soon but not yet.

And when I got home I couldn’t go in, because it’s not time for the future to start, not yet. But I stood there and looked out across the field that will soon be outside, and walked to the shops and the café where I’ll more often walk than I do now. Soon, when the future arrives.

In the rain as I walked home to here, time folded back to a darkling December of Christmas lights and expectations. Expectations of soon, when the future arrives. Soon but not yet.

See also “Soon but not yet we will leave here”

Published by Ronnie

Writing about life, Liverpool and anything else that interests me. As well as working with others to make the world a fairer and kinder place:

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  1. This first foray into your new life looks intriguing. I look forward to hearing and seeing the results of your explorations. In the meantime, have a very happy Christmas Ronnie and Sarah.

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