Today has been my birthday, kind of. Which is to say it won’t be my real birthday for two days yet. But who wants a birthday on a Monday in January? Not me for a kick-off. So Sarah and I celebrated it today with a day out in a gallery, the Lady Lever in Port Sunlight. This blog post being as much a celebration of there as it is of me.

I spend quite a lot of time in Port Sunlight these days. Working, talking and writing things. In fact I was last here yesterday, and had considered visiting the Lady Lever when I’d finished my work, as I would often do last summer when I came and lived here for a while.

But it turned out today was the art gallery day and Sarah came with me. Particularly to see the Matisse cut-outs exhibition, but the whole place, building and art both, turned out to be on good form and we stayed for ages.

There was a request in the gallery not to take any photographs of the Matisse lithographs, so I didn’t. But you probably know roughly what they look like, and they are worth you coming and seeing. And anyway I was able to take these photographs of some beautiful new cut-outs done by visiting children.

Then we wandered round happily, aimlessly and like we had all the time in the world. This is what all that time looked like.

Self-portrait in aged chinoiserie.

I remembered how fortunate I’d been all summer to have all of that just round the corner from where I was living.

We had our lunch in a favourite and recommended place of mine, the Blooming Skull, out on Bebington Road in New Ferry.

And then went for a walk to the New Ferry shore, to look at Liverpool.

On the way back to Port Sunlight Sarah stopped to get herself some meats from ‘Edge and Son.’ A fabulous butchers by all accounts.

Then we finished the daytime part of a lovely more-or-less birthday by driving over to the Dee shore for the finest ice-cream in the world at Nicholl’s of Parkgate.

It got very cold with the ice-cream inside us, and then the sun set.

The End

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