“I’m vey happy” I caught myself thinking just now,
Taken by surprise by something so simple
That has taken me most of my life to find,
Or at least recognise.
And now it’s here is not a fact to be too much questioned,
Reflected on, or worried about.
Certainly not worried about.
I’m very happy and that is very much that.
At this time, on this day, in all my heres and my nows,
Very happy, indeed.

Thank you for all the good wishes, all of you who have sent them or said them. Thank you very much xx

Published by Ronnie

Writing about life, Liverpool and anything else that interests me. As well as working with others to make the world a fairer and kinder place: http://asenseofplace.com.

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  1. Belated birthday greetings Ronnie !
    Glad you’re happy. I’m happy too.
    Barry x

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