After the greyest of wet February mornings, around lunchtime today I’d walked from the university down to the North Docks in the still falling rain. Then spent the afternoon warm and dry inside Make Liverpool doing something which I’ll call ‘Storytelling With Ukranians’ for now, and tell you more about later.

Hours later as I was leaving, the storytelling all done, night was beginning to fall and the rainy day had turned into an evening worth photographing.

So this is my walk from Make North Docks and through town to catch the bus home.

It’s after six, so much of the going home traffic has gone and all of those lights still on in the Liver Building up there must be for the cleaners cleaning up after them, maybe.

I cross the several roads into the centre of the city.

Through the business district where I only ever come to walk to or from Make Liverpool and the North Docks.

Past the Town Hall and always remembering where much of the business that turned this place into a city came from.

A Tuesday night in early February probably isn’t the busiest of times for the bars and restaurants along Castle Street here, but they do look inviting in the sparkly evening.

Sweeting Street this, just because I think it’s lovely.

Across Derby Square and over the top of Liverpool One next.

Having grown up in a Liverpool full of Sweeting Streets and other alleyways, this always feels like walking over the top of some future version of home to me. A story I didn’t know I’d be in but am usually happy to walk through, even if I do feel like a visiting stranger tonight.

Walking down the stepped terraces you can sit on in the day times watching shopping like it’s spectator sport. Almost at the bus stops now.

I always miss the trams that were supposed to be here as well as the buses, when this place was a giant architectural model we could visit. But it’s just buses tonight, like always, so the 86 will have to do. Home through the Tuesday evening nightfall.

And the ‘Storytelling With Ukranians’ I mentioned earlier was my part of a several days in Liverpool and Manchester event, organised by Wordscapes for a group of visiting community and arts people from Ukraine. We talked about stories, how they get told and the things they can help with. And I had a great time, thank you for asking me. Great to be at Make for few hours too x

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  1. Really enjoy reading your post, having lived in Liverpool all my life from China town to the South end, you bring all memories and nostalgic feelings back.

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