As I get older I worry sometimes about turning into a small-minded self-obsessed miserable old git, who moans all the time about the good old days and picks fault with everything around him. I’ve seen it happen and thought it might be happening to me when, a few weeks ago, I started taking photographs of cars. Beginning with the Ferraris.

Now I’ve always liked Ferraris, from the boyhood days when I used to go and watch them racing at Aintree, to seeing the latest footballing sensation driving past in one. “That’s what I’d have got” I’d think “If they’d ever let me in the LFC first team.” But I like to think I’d never have parked two of them up on the pavement in front of the Bluecoat. So I took this photograph which, within half an hour, got picked up by the Liverpool Echo and caused all kinds of gratifying fuss. Some of it self-justifying anger from the self-entitled owners of said Ferraris. Which goaded me into taking lots more pictures of cars up on pavements and worrying about whether I was turning into a miserable old git by objecting to them.

But a bigger problem than whether I’m miserable or not would seem to be whether a lot of people ever think about other people or not? Because there are always excuses, if you ever ask the owners of these offensive cars. “I’m in a rush, I’ll only be a minute, I’m just popping in the shop, I’m running late.” All of which, together with their car up on the pavement amount to either “I matter more than you do” or, perhaps “I matter more than anyone else does.”

Whether you’re shopping, going to work, pushing your baby’s pram, negotiating an already busy street with whatever difficulties you might have, or me, just walking around, a car parked on the pavement in front of you is a great big message from someone who thinks their life is much more important than all the rest of our lives. And I’m absolutely sick of it, as you can probably tell.

Now I could broaden this rant into ‘society’s problem’ by talking about the domination of roads, too many cars, too much dependence on cars, better bike lanes and improved public transport. But I’ve already written that blog post so I’m not going to write it again. No, this one is about thinking of other people and suggesting that we all do it. Even if we are in a rush. Or feeling a bit pompous because we’ve got a Ferrari, or whatever car you’ve got. Thinking of other people is basic and non-negotiable for all of us humans in a civilised society.

So try and be a bit more human could you?

In ending, well done to Liverpool City Council, Greenbank Ward, for getting this done at one of the worst of the pavement parking places on Smithdown. It’s worked.

But really, do we have to rely on the Council putting up these little metal barriers before we think of others as much as we think of ourselves? Surely not?

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  1. Hello Ronnie. Yet another brilliant post that shows we are on the same page. Minor rant to follow…..
    Yes, all you car owners who think you’re special and that rules don’t apply to you. I hope you are ashamed, and shamed. Grow up and take responsibility.

  2. Hello Ronnie,

    A slight departure from what we’ve come to expect from you but spot on nonetheless. If we are to protect the heritage and quality of life of our cities we really must stand against the arrogance and domination of these selfish drivers. They’re a scourge in all our cities and I, like you, won’t be cowed by them. Well said. Dave, scouser in exile.

  3. Near where I live, near the main roads are wide enough for 4 vehicles and there are no yellow lines and private houses have big drives and front gardens adapted to parking. The roads are lined with grass verges – you can see where this is going. Individual householders do not own those verges. They look great and help keep a healthy environment, are a great base for trees, etc. I am sick to the back teeth of people who have plenty of room on their property, or on the wide roads, parking regularly on the grass and – when that gets full – parking on the pavement too. Builders are likely to totally colonise a wide pavement and verge. There is no reason they need to park on these verges. And they leave them in such a mess. Some people have put up wooden poles and bushes (there’s service that does it) – but why should they have to? Miserable old git? Yep, that’s me when it comes to this! I’ll take some pictures myself and post them on Twitter next time I’m out and about.

  4. Did you see this:
    It’s about on pavement parking.

    Incidentally we have a lot of cars parking in our road on the pavement. Some are fine, must of the people who live in the street leave enough space. Although why they can’t park on their driveway, I don’t know. But at the end of the street there are often cars and minibuses parked, leaving me with no option but to walk down the road with my pram.

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