All parks contain pathways that are not marked out or even maintained. They’re the desire lines trodden out by our feet. And there’s a long sequence of these paths round the outside edge of our local park here in Wavertree. Called ‘The Mystery’ by all of us, for reasons that need not detain today’s walk. Let’s go.

Along the edge of the London to Liverpool railway line
Smithdown Road’s only just behind us
In here we’re miles away
The forest floor
Behind the tennis courts and the stadium
Lifestyles, closed
Where Grange House once was
Along the back of the High Street
A secret gate
To the High Street
Across to Prince Alfred Road
Cow Lane we call it
School tulips
Like the Ladybird Book of Wildflowers
With a butterfly, Small Tortoiseshell
Nearly home
But first
The first Buttercup
Identified by Sarah as Creeping Buttercup (Ranunculus Repens)

One of the three most common buttercups. But first among all of its equals about to arrive. On the outside edge of The Mystery.

A perfect evening walk in a difficult time, over the road from where so many of us are.

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  1. The park at our back gate is called Fawkner Park. It’s around 100 acres. Whilst I appreciate it, I think park is a misnomer. It’s really a series of sports fields and a playground linked by rather grand boulevards of trees. I’d like some wilder places and tracks.
    In these days of social isolation, the park is very busy with a new set of visitors – many very small children on brightly coloured plastic scooters, racing along and probably wondering why they’ve suddenly been given these toys and endless hours with their parents!
    A walk in the park is not exactly a calm stroll in nature, but has to be appreciated until we can go further afield. Take care Ronnie.

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