I’m aware that one of the points of running a very photographic blog is that I should show you interesting and sometimes beautiful things, especially now. So I thought I’d let you know that the roses are coming out here in Liverpool.

I’ve once again been doing my University work on Sarah’s allotment today. Interspersed, as is now my happiness and my ‘permitted exercise’ custom, with bits of gardening. So I’ve noticed the roses. I’m the assistant gardener here, so I’ve no idea what these are called apart from ‘the roses’ but I thought it might brighten your week to see them, as it did mine. I’m a little concerned at the tiny creatures you might be able to see clambering up one of the flowers here, though I don’t know enough to know if they’re any kind of problem. So for now I’ll rejoice in the evidence of all life in a still bleak lockdown time, and I’ll show you the roses.

All’s going well with the work too, in case you’re wondering. But more about that on another day’s blog post. This one’s for the roses.

“I heard it in the wind last night
It sounded like applause…”

Joni Mitchell: For The Roses

(And Head Gardener Sarah has seen the photos now and tells me the little creatures are greenfly and blackfly, not a huge problem and one that the ecological balance of the plot will sort, along with an occasional soapy water spray. All is well.)

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