It’s almost as if the weather in England knows this is supposed to be the Glastonbury weekend and is responding according to the sun-baked then mud-spattered traditions of so many Festivals gone by.

In our allotment there’s a festival on anyway, of bright colours and abundant life. And Sarah and I have spent today, Sunday, cutting back the overgrowth of all that life that June brings. To give the plants room to flower, fruit and breathe as high summer now approaches.

Here’s what the garden is looking like.

Late June, time for some cutting back.
Overseen by the little god of the garden.

Dug up by Sarah in her very early days here, so here in this place long before we were.

Honeysuckle ‘Rhubarb and Custard’
Mange Tout
Sunflowers beginning
Raspberries too
These radishes have ripened in just the last few days
Ready to eat now
Double Poppy
Poppy seed head
Allium with marigolds
Blue phacelia and pink cornflower
And a new working space for me, for rainy days like this.
In a summer garden
Here in Liverpool

Later on we’ll watch David Bowie, from Glastonbury in 2000, and be glad to see him (we were, very). After our day in a summer garden.

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Writing about life, Liverpool and anything else that interests me. As well as working with others to make the world a fairer and kinder place:

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  1. Gosh it looks gorgeous, though we know it is the result of a lot of imagination and hard work. Anyway, it is just the environment to inspire you as you raise the profile of social science and grow its influence Ronnie.

    1. Thank you Lindsay. Sarah’s the head gardener here, obviously. And I still struggle to remember the names of things. But as I’m working here most of the time now I’m loving caring for the place and making my own suggestions in between utopian thoughts.

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