You know the way it is. All the way through lockdown I’ve been storing up the books I’d finished reading with nowhere to take them as all the local charity shops were shut. But hearing a new one had just opened on the High Street I trundled off across the Mystery with a trolley full of mixed novels and not-novels to give them.

The shop’s called “ReLoved” and truth to tell they’ve been so popular they’ve got more than enough stuff to sell just at the moment. So don’t take them any more just now! Still, they were gracious enough to take my books so I’m grateful I didn’t have to heave then all back across the park to home.

So, the shop then? You can actually read all about it on Love Wavertree’s website, because it’s them that are running it and them I mostly want to talk about while you look at my pictures of their shop.

They’re the ever-growing group of community people who were so enraged at Wavertree being run down in a newspaper article last summer that they responded by getting their High Street shut to traffic for the whole of a Sunday in September so we could all come out, celebrate our place and show whoever it was that we weren’t, well, what they’d said.

At the time I said this was the High Street’s best ever day, and it was. But since then that ‘best ever’ has been getting some competition from the things Love Wavertree have been up to since.

There’s opening the shop, for a start, which only happened earlier in July. And the shop’s on it’s way to what it will become as a centre for local artists and makers and a permanent presence on the High Street for Love Wavertree and what they’ll do next.

New, by independent local maker Millie Sparkles.

Already there’s a running group, litter picking, other activities and discussions about the High Street, the Mystery and what’s happening around Wavertree and really I’m just being a window to their website here. So go and look.

Also you’ll find a link to ‘Mapping our Future’ an interactive platform where we can all share our ideas about making the place where we live and work even better. It’s being run with Placed and you can explore it and leave some thoughts of your own here.

The shop then, to finish with. Your job now is to go there, put your face mask on and shop. As I said they don’t need any more of our donations yet. But they do need more of us. At the moment it’s open 10 ’til 3 Tuesdays to Sunday. But if they had more volunteers maybe it could be open more. So how about it? Loads of people are already involved, they’re very friendly and you’d be very welcome.

So have a look through the Love Wavertree website, the contact details are on there, and maybe I’ll see you at the shop next time I’m in there?

Thanks to these two local artists for the borrow of the picture!

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