Reynolds Park in Woolton is one Liverpool park where I’ve hardly ever been. But, all work done for the day, Sarah and I went for a look around there late this afternoon. As she’d heard from her wildflower grapevine that it was a good place for all sorts of treasures, and it was.

Particularly in a section called the Donkey Field, which we’d walked most of the way round an otherwise ornamental place to find. So this post isn’t a history of the place or even that look around the whole place that we searched. It’s just pictures of wildflowers in their high summer glory in the field where we found them.

A horticulturalist in her field.
Meadow crane’s-bill
Identifying the Betony
Wild Carrot
An extravagance of poppies
Another Musk-mallow
Musk-mallow seedpods
Devils’s-bit Scabious
Field Scabious
Another Field Scabious
The Donkey Field
Sarah’s book, by Francis Rose

And on the way out there are steps, to what looks like it might have been a bandstand. On our way out of Reynolds Park.

Deep into July in the part of Liverpool where it starts turning into England.

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