I’m writing this one as a member of Granby 4 Street Community Land Trust, because Granby could seriously do with your help.

Please donate now

Late last week a fire destroyed nearly all of our market equipment. So now we need to replace all of our colourful gazebos, tables, chairs and even our sound equipment so we can get the market going again. The whole lot is going to cost us close to £30,000. Which is why we need your help.

Granby Market was started in 2010, on Cairns Street back in those days when I first started writing about it, and with a handful of tables on the street then as stalls. But now our gazebos fill the Princes Boulevard end of Granby Street on the first Saturday of every month with as many as 85 traders selling foods, art, jewellery, bric-a-brac, crafts, tools and, well, if you’ve been you’ll know. A place to get your bike fixed, listen to the drums, music, performances, poetry and so much more.

And the market’s always been a place for friends to meet and catch-up as well. In fact that’s why we started organising it in the first place. Somewhere for us all to gather in friendship and for the sake of simply being in Granby together. We’ve all missed it during the lockdown months of course, and were so looking forward to getting it started again. Before this fire happened and wrecked all of our equipment.

And so in this, our Street Market’s 11th year, we need your help 

We need to raise £30,000 as soon as we can to buy gazebos, tables, chairs, a new PA and other equipment. All to help us get back up and running after an already challenging year. So if you could?

Please donate now

Our precious and colourful gazebos aren’t just for our own market days. We also rent them out at low cost to fellow communities. Helping good things to happen right across Liverpool. In events at The Florrie, Stanley Park, Fazakerley , County Road in Walton and more.

The friendliness and energy of our stall holders is what makes Granby Market so special. We sell spaces at truly affordable rates so all local people can try out their ideas, sell their art, make some money selling their bric-a-brac or even launch their new businesses. Many have and it’s been great to see so many people who started at Granby Market growing their ideas into socially trading businesses. 

And we want to carry on doing all this for many more years. Which is why we need your help. Because Granby’s a whole new community now. With a street market that welcomes the whole of Liverpool, every month. 

  • So we need:
  • 30 Gazebos – £25,000
  • Tables and Chairs – £2000
  • PA and other eipment – £3,000

And we know this is a lot to ask. It comes to so much because our equipment has grown gradually over all these years. Surprising even ourselves by how much there was, now it’s all gone in the fire. So we want to get it all back as quickly as possible for the traders, the market and all of our futures. Which is why we’ve set such an an ambitious goal. It’s all real and it’s all needed.

So please help with our GoFundMe crowdfunder

Finally, here’s a film I happened to make the last time the Street Market ran and so the last time all our equipment was used. The film was done on a course about making films on your phone that Helen Kilbride ran at the Granby Winter Garden. This was early March, just before the lockdown. And notice where market organiser Joe Farrag talks about what all the gazebos mean to him.

Please help with our crowdfund.

And you can read more about Granby here.

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