Series 1&2 now complete: Listen here

As well as socially working on our respective PhDs Abi O’Connor and I are producing podcasts together for the University of Liverpool. Series One completed, and Series Two now underway. Exploring how postgraduates like ourselves are responding to the Covid crisis in ways where the things we research can be of practical and local use, as the Liverpool City Region works on coping with and recovering from the crisis we’re all in.

Doing this work together is part of a determination of our own that academics like us should be contributing our own work and ideas to life, the living and the continuance of it around here, as so many others have been doing with such grace since the first lockdown and beyond. This is personal and political for us, as much as it’s academic.

All the episodes so far are here for you to listen to.

Here’s how Abi describes what the podcasts are about:

“The overarching theme of these podcasts is that the local is crucial. Local responses to outbreaks of Covid-19  have been the most effective. These include local voluntary organisations mitigating the impacts of real resource shortages and local socially trading organisations showing a resilience and a commitment to workers and communities that large corporations have mostly fallen well short of.

So Series One is about trying to make sure ‘Build Back Better’ doesn’t become yet another slogan with no real meaning, especially for the Liverpool City Region and all of us who live and work here. And Series Two goes deeper into how it’s going for those of us doing this research while the virus and lockdowns persist”

Abi O’Connor, University of Liverpool

All episodes of Series One, together with Series Two as they become available, are on the links here, plus Anchor, Spotify, Apple, Google and other podcasts channels. And are getting a lot of listens, we’re glad to say.

So have a listen yourself and let us know what you think? It would be fair to say we’re both loving the doing of this and learning so much from the breadth of the conversations we’re having. Hope you will too.

Go well.

  • Series One 1: Ronnie Hughes, Better lives in better places
  • Series One 2: Olly Kennedy, Modern Slavery
  • Series One 3: Tilly Clough, Educational Inequalities
  • Series One 4: Chloe Spence, Digital Mental Health Services
  • Series One 5: Lucy Dowdall, The Upper Mersey Estuary
  • Series One 6: Richie Kirwan, Decreased Movement during Lockdown
  • Series One 7: Abi O’Connor on Liverpool, planned decline and more.
  • Series One 8: Series One Review. Professor Mark Boyle on the academy’s responsibilities to engage in public discussion
Series Two, being broadcast now

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  1. Very interesting podcast Ronnie. Makes me think about what Hirst Projects is doing, and why working in smaller places within the regions is more satisfying. I also loved hearing your voice for the first time!

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