I was walking along to have a first look at the newly completed Princes Boulevard, though in a roundabout kind of way. With something else to do first on this Liverpool 8 kind of Monday. Walking through the parks to Admiral Street, Windsor Street and past Squash before I arrived at the rooftop where I was expected.

John Archer Hall
Up on the roof

Expected to be interviewed for a film about a photograph, which I’ll tell you more about when the film is ready to come out. My role here being to talk to the film makers Allan Melia and Daniel Draper about where I thought a historic photograph of Liverpool had been taken, while they filmed me and my books, maps and opinions.

Which was interesting and I’ll be saying more when it’s time for their film to emerge.

Then I walked round from Windsor Street to Princes Boulevard to see what’s been done. On an L8 kind of day.

So as you can see, the Avenue’s looking well. Carefully done and with local people involved. The faiths, the history, the activism and the clubs are all rightly celebrated.

Beautifully done. Well done all involved.

And one story, at least, is still being told.

A notice still up from the last time the Street Market ran, in March this year.

As you might have heard, all the Street Market’s equipment was recently destroyed in a fire. So we’ve launched a crowdfund appeal to replace it. And would be grateful for any help you can give us, here.

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