We need less than we thought, but it’s still more than we’ve got. So the Street Market still needs help.

We have some good news to share. We need less money than we thought to get us back on our feet after the fire a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been able to salvage quite a few of our original gazebo frames after the fire which destroyed the rest, so we can save £8,000 on our original estimate of £30,000.

So we now have a revised target of £22,000

The target’s changed because we’ve been able to carry out checks on everything. And removing all the canopies which had melted onto the gazebo frames, thinking that they’d have damaged the joints, we found that quite a few of them were actually ok. So we’ll be able to reuse these. And believe the manufacturers will give us a good deal on the rest.

Meaning that with all the help we’ve had we’re now two thirds of the way to our target.

So thank you so much, and if you’d like to help us get the rest of the way to our target the link’s here.

So you know, this is what we’ll need to buy with our new £22,000 target:

  • 8 full gazebos, various sizes – £3,800 
  • 18 gazebo canopies – £1,440
  • Weights for all gazebos – £1,100
  • 80 tables and 60 chairs – £6,600
  • PA system – £5,000
  • 24 trollies – £3,120
  • 16 clothes rails – £980 

We’ve also found a secure place to store all the new equipment once we get it. Which means we can get back on our feet securely and confidently. And get the market going again, as soon a Covid allows and we can get this final £7,000.

Thanks again to the hundreds of people who have supported us, it means so much.

Please help us get the remaining £7,000 we heed here.

Finally, here’s a film a few of us put together earlier this week about why we need your help. In it I’m still talking about us needing £30,000, so ignore that bit now. But everything else we’re saying is still true!
Big thanks to Allan Melia and Daniel Draper at Shut Out The Light for the film.

Granby Street Market

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