Although the day has dawned rainy here in Liverpool and seems likely to continue that way we are having the beginnings of a glorious autumn. I know because I’m spending most of my working time outside in the weather these days, noticing it. Writing much of my sociology PhD on an allotment since the early days of our various kinds of lockdown, has meant I’ve experienced the spring, summer and now autumn of this year day by day and in tiny detail.

Through the digging of beds, the planting of seeds and shrubs, their thriving and sometimes not, like the thriving and sometimes not of my own writing and thinking, I’ve noticed this year like no other in my life.

But don’t worry, there’s no cod philosophical metaphorical statement on the way here. All I’m saying is I’ve noticed the growth and the thriving and now the gentle beginnings of the Fall, the lovely American word for our equally lovely Autumn, and I thought I’d brighten your rainy day with some photographs of now.

Sarah and I call this place The Sunlight Garden, so here it is in pictures I’ve taken over these last few sunny days: In Sunlight Autumn.

Planting the winter crops while there are still raspberries arriving
Late planted sunflowers emerging for their golden October
The last sweet peas
The autumn’s flowerings
Crimson clover

In all of this worry the Autumn has arrived anyway, like the Spring and the Summer before it.

In all of this I work on. Thinking, writing, noticing.

A day after writing this I arrived at the allotment this morning to find three emerged sunflowers, in golden October.

Read more of my university fieldnotes here.

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