In all the lockdown shrinking of our worlds this year I nearly forgot to go and look at what happens to the far end as every autumn begins.

This is the far end of Queen’s Drive, Liverpool’s major ring road. It starts all the way round the city in Bootle and for most of its length is the multiple lanes, carriageways and lights you’d expect of a major road. Until it gets to here, almost in Sefton Park, where Liverpool’s major ring road becomes a celebration of trees. And every autumn, one of the most beautiful places in the whole city.

Yesterday I remembered. And before going to our allotment to do my university work and Zooming for the day, I went for a look.

Turning the corner from Greenbank Road, the far end begins.
A long and more or less straight avenue to the park.
Soon this will all be golden, but not quite yet.
The Avenue of Trees.
The ring road’s ending.
With autumn closing in.
And then the road becomes the park.
Which is a different place altogether.

So if you’re in Liverpool, and you’ve never been to the far end, the next few weeks would be a good to time to come and see it. Every autumn it becomes one of the marvels of our city.

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  1. Thank you for the reminder Ronnie, we hadn’t been for several weeks.
    Two constants in my adult life have been visiting the shore at Crosby & the Sefton Park area to walk. Contrasting seascape with scenery I never tire of either.
    You are correct, autumn sees the ‘Far End’ at is best although I’m sure there’s a bit more colour to add to the palette before the leaves all fall.
    We missed the best of the light yesterday but it still remains a marvellous calming place.

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