For today’s blog post I’ve decided to continue with the general walking theme I’ve been writing about for the past few days. Partly because walking is a big part of what I do and noticing the beauty of autumn therefore follows. But also because of what else is happening around us right now. With Covid raging and our brutally hapless government treating the pandemic as something they can do deals about, deals with the lives of whole populations, then I thought some peace and beauty at the end of such a day might be appreciated.

This morning I walked to work as I always do, through Greenbank Park, as I often will. And it looked like this, an autumnal beauty beyond words and one I’m so grateful to be able to walk through any time I choose.

I was on my way to work at our allotment, the one I share with my partner Sarah. Not to work on it today, though I often do, but to do my university writing in its polytunnel.

Which is where I spent the day. Writing a PhD I’m currently calling ‘Particular Cases of the Possible.’ Some future thinking about Liverpool based on the experiences of a lot of us over these last several years. Future thinking I’m as grateful to have the time and encouragement to do as I am for the walking here, through all that autumnal beauty.

Later, during a break in my own writing I read some Anita Brookner, as you might be able to see in the photograph. Because the good writing of others is always both a rest and a help to me.

Then during the afternoon I lit a fire, and so kept warm and working until the sun began noticeably setting.

Shining through the dogwood hedge like the light through stained glass cathedral windows.

Then I packed up my work for the day and walked home, taking these few final photographs as I left.

I love the autumn. As you can probably tell.

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