Sustainable and Resilient Cities, Liverpool: The complete Series One

In a year of precious few unexpected joys this has been an unexpected joy. The making of a whole series of podcasts with my friend Abi O’Connor that we’ve both enjoyed working on so much that we’ve already started Series Two. Which will begin soon.

But for now here’s the whole of “Series One, Sustainable and Resilient Cities: Liverpool.” A collection of conversations we’ve had with university people about their work and opinions. All kinds of university people too, from all manner of departments in our own University of Liverpool as well as our neighbours from down the road at Liverpool John Moores University.

And what’s most delighted me about it all, as well as the listening figures, has been the breadth and quality of the conversations. As the principal editor of all these recordings, once Abi and our contributors have done the interviews, I’ve listened to everyone’s developing thoughts over and over again. And as I’ve sat within the software tightening pauses here, deleting the occasional fluffs or audio glitches there, then fashioning the finished versions with Abi, I’ve loved the conversations. Along with the continuing conversation between the two of us while we’ve developed all this. Neither of us ever having made podcasts before.

The adventure as a whole being a big reminder to me about conversation, the almost lost art of it. How listening is at least as important as talking. And the way occasional disagreements or not quite understandings should be taken as expected parts of the warps and wefts of intelligent dialogues, rather than excuses to adopt fixed and furious positions no one can recover from, and which close down too many conversations these days. Here are eight examples then, in the now done first series, of being in a room with informed adults including, occasionally, me. And it’s been such a joy.

So much so that we’re now well on with preparing Series Two. A couple of interviews are already done and will be ready for you to hear before very long. But for now, and because we’re so happy to have done this, here’s the complete Series One. An exploration of all the subjects in this list and also, of the delicate art of conversation:

  • Series introduction from Abi O’Connor
  • All the following Podcasts:
  • Podcast 1: Ronnie Hughes, Better lives in better places
  • Podcast 2: Olly Kennedy, Modern Slavery
  • Podcast 3: Tilly Clough, Educational Inequalities
  • Podcast 4: Chloe Spence, Digital Mental Health Services
  • Podcast 5: Lucy Dowdall, The Upper Mersey Estuary
  • Podcast 6: Richie Kirwan, Decreased Movement during Lockdown
  • Podcast 7: Us two discuss Abi’s work on Liverpool, planned decline and more.
  • Podcast 8: Professor Mark Boyle, Review of Series One with the academic lead for the Sustainable and Resilient Cities research theme at the University of Liverpool, which is where the idea for this podcast series originated.

All of the above episodes available on here, Anchor, Spotify, Apple, Google and other good places where podcasts can be found. And a big final thanks from both of us to Olly Kennedy, Tilly Clough, Chloe Spence, Lucy Dowdall, Richie Kirwan and Mark Boyle. We couldn’t have done any of this without all of you and your work.

Back with Series Two soon.

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