Another full on lockdown has begun then. Overdue and incompetent in its calling and leaving us entirely dependent on the vaccines to ever get us out of it. A country that literally couldn’t organise track and trace to save its own lives now needs to organise a logistical miracle.

So it’s a day for not ignoring all this, for not carrying on as if nothing is wrong. I’m even typing these notes, the kind I’d normally keep to myself, straight into this blog. Thinking I might even publish them. It’s that kind of day.

Not a day then for setting little personal to do targets and behaving as if everything’s ok. It’s simply not, and we all have every reason to be worried. Because the people in charge of the country aren’t up to the job. Obviously the government aren’t but neither, it seems, are the majority of the political class, along with the machinery of government around them, on the evidence of this past year. Careerist time serving operatives in the majority. The lot of them shown up badly by this crisis. When what’s been needed is competence and thoughtful leadership they simply haven’t had it in them and have been repeatedly shown up and u-turned by us exasperated ordinary people, organising better care and responses for ourselves. Looking after each other despite the dying and disease all around us.

Meanwhile back in politics the left do what they’ve done all my life, which is argue among themselves. And the right who are in power repeatedly allow themselves to be bullied and panicked by the even further right. As corruption rises around them all like it’s another kind of naturally occurring virus. A dangerous situation, as well as depressing.

This being the kind of day when it’s ok to admit to not being ok to each other. Not being some kind of depressed would itself feel wrong today.

So I have, to end on the only positive I can come up with, set myself a little personal to do target after all. I’m going to sort out my tax return. Because along with a walk later on I think that’s all I’m up to today. Tens and units. Anything more complex like PhD work and sociological university theories will have to wait.

Because it’s not that kind of day.

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  1. I’m hearing you!
    But I’m not depressed today and that doesn’t feel wrong. I feel appreciative of so much in my very privileged life. Whilst also very aware and angry with those supposedly ‘at the top.’
    I too have decided it’s a day for a walk and my tax return…well, the accounts at least, as a step towards it. Good luck with yours, Ronnie.

    1. This reply of mine has been on my mind since I wrote it but I couldn’t and still can’t see how to delete it. I may have sounded dismissive of depression being appropriate, and that’s really not helpful or true. I have plenty of depressed days too, horrified at our government’s dangerous power, wrong choices, blindness to what is ethical….
      I do hear you, Ronnie.
      The beauty you bring in this blog with your awareness, actions, thoughtfulness and photos in every day life, and all that Sarah writes and her pics too, really gift me an uplifting support. Thank you.

      1. I understand, and thank you Debbie. Most days I don’t feel depressed either. In fact I’d say it’s been three years since the last serious episode. But when it comes there’s no mistaking it, even if I do try and push away the realisation of its arrival at first. I always have. But this time the love and help of friends has helped, as has walking and writing.

        And, so you know, I look after all the comments and discussions directly on the blog here. So I could delete your previous one if you still want, but it’s a conversation isn’t it? A weaving of thoughts and opinions.

      2. Ah thank you for sharing the bigger context, Ronnie. Very good to hear how all the love and help from friends, the walking and the writing have helped.

        Thanks too for offering to delete my comment. Despite my discomfort (and slight shame) about it, I’d rather be real and honest so I can live with it staying as, yes, it’s a conversation, all a process.

  2. Ronnie, you have every reason to be depressed and saddened by this lockdown and the abject failure of government to deal with the pandemic. Both problems are very hard to deal with and will take the massive efforts of the people, working together for the benefit of society, to solve. You and Sarah have enormous capacities for thinking, learning and doing. You, and your like-minded friends, are the hope of the side (no pressure!) so stay safe and seek the small pleasures….and please keep up the thinking and learning until you can return to doing. If there is anyway I can help, you know I will.

    1. Thank you Sally, the offer is much appreciated. As is being part of ‘the hope of the side.’ Another friend who would more than fit that description is on the front line of democracy today in Georgia. Making me think that maybe the likes of my friend in the States, you in Australia and us lot in Liverpool are onto something significant? But you’re also right that some days are for learning and other quiet pleasures. So I’ll be off out to the allotment soon, now it’s getting light here in England. Thank you.

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