In all the ‘roadmap out of this’ nonsense that won’t be mentioned again in this post it’s been a huge lift, for me anyway, to witness the early arrival of some signs of Spring.

You might have noticed them in other ways and even earlier in your own place, but for me the first signs arrived last Wednesday morning on the allotments where I do my PhD writing, often in the welcome company of my friend Abi. It had already been a warm enough morning for us not to bother lighting a fire when later, pausing between our hours of work as we always do to take a walk round the site, we noticed these crocuses had arrived.

The rest of the week here in Liverpool wasn’t quite so springlike, and by Friday morning we had a fire going again while we worked. But at least we have our place to work there, now it’s coming up to a year since the place where we used to work together at the University was closed to us.

All quiet last Thursday

I still walk to the University occasionally, just for somewhere to walk to. And it’s gone beyond feeling weird now. More like somewhere I used to work and can’t really imagine going back to, as this second Spring away from it arrives.

Back home via Granby 4 Streets

On Sunday, the temperature had gone back to warm again. And Spring had continued to arrive, here along the quiet end of Queen’s Drive.

Still looking like late Winter from a distance, but not so from up close.

Curious junk

Around its edge the park looked busy so I didn’t go in. Don’t know when I’ll ever get used to crowds again. But opposite the junction where Greenbank Lane and Greenbank Drive enter the park all was well. Signs of Spring so lovely I took several versions of the same picture.

Then round to our allotment where Sarah and I carried on the work that’s best and easiest late in the winter. Pruning the dogwood and the raspberries, digging up unwanted day lilies before they start growing, weeding the beds and noticing. Noticing the signs of spring all-around us now.

And Monday? Well, such a beautiful and springlike February day that I spent all of it writing out here in the open, sunlit and warming up air.

At the Sunlight Garden Campus of Liverpool University!

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    1. Hello Eileen, it’s really lovely to hear from you and I’m so glad you’ve found the blog. We’re both well, have had our first vaccines and trust you have too by now. You can kind of see what we’ve been up to from our blogs, but might particularly want to see these ‘Letters from Sarah’ about her kayaking and now bike adventures. It seems a long time since LHT now, particularly as it’s completely lost its old name now. I’m still in touch with Angela and Sandra and also see Maria sometimes. But let me know how you’re doing too?

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