This is an idea, not an announcement, but you know when we’re all through all this and it’s absolutely safe again, do you fancy the idea of us having a community led Liverpool Show on The Mystery?

I was in two minds about it myself when I first heard of the idea, as I’ve got so used to looking after myself and everyone I know by going round all masked and remote and seeing virtually no one. It’s been best for the whole city of us to do this, and I know more than a few of us have quite liked the quiet.

But when it’s over do you think it might be good to organise a celebration of our place and of ourselves on The Mystery? A kind of emerging back into the light with our own Liverpool Show?

I remember the Liverpool Shows of the past. Back before I knew The Mystery was really called The Mystery I remember being brought to the “Wavertree Playground” as a little child in the 1960s for huge events on a great big field I later came and lived just next to in the 1990s. Then there was a whole new era of Liverpool Shows for a while. But not for ages now. And I wonder if The Mystery kind of misses them?

A Liverpool Show, in 1962

So anyway the good people of Love Wavertree, who run loads of activities out of the Reloved shop on the High Street have been running a Community Conversation and, well, I’ll let them explain:

Love Wavertree recently held a ‘community zoom’ to discuss the next steps for Love Wavertree’s Community Hub. As a part of the meeting, we considered ways we can bring the community together, maybe later in the year, if and when rules allow.  The idea to bring back a version of the ‘Liverpool Show’ was suggested as one of the ideas that we’re now exploring.

We ourselves are supportive of the possibility of a ‘Community Led, Liverpool Show’ on ‘The Mystery’ as it could be a unique opportunity to bring the city together after such a difficult time. Even at this early stage of having the idea we know that the engagement of our community is important if it were to happen. And wouldn’t want to explore the idea any further if the community didn’t feel this type of event is would be good.

So, we’re asking people in Wavertree and across the city to share initial thoughts on the idea of a Community Led Liverpool Show, which we will then share with Liverpool City Council and others.
The survey will be open until 4th April, and it’s just an idea at the moment, so please fill it in here and let us know what you think?

Complete the survey here

The survey’s already open and will be until 4th April. Well over a hundred people so far have filled it in and come up with these ideas of what they’d like to see in a community led Liverpool Show:

But what would you like? What are your ideas? And what do you think of the idea itself?

Fill in the Liverpool Show Survey here.

The car free day, September 2019

I have huge confidence that anything put together by these Love Wavertree people, by us lot round here, will be good. They’ve been like an outbreak of confidence and joy in Wavertree these last couple of years, and we could sorely do with some more confidence and joy after the year and more we’ve just been through couldn’t we?

And we’re not out of it yet, of course. But one day, when we are, wouldn’t you like to be walking through the many and various gates of The Mystery to a proper, top quality Liverpool Show, made by us, for all of us?

Tell us what you think?

Don’t forget, fill in the survey here by 4th April.

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  1. Yes! Excellent idea. I remember them from years ago. Count me in. Best wishes, Dee

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