It’s my pleasure and my immense privilege to be spending my writing days at the moment in the presence of this tree, this Magnolia. I know none of its horticultural details (though see below) or the origins of its naming, you’d have to ask Sarah about those. But I can see what it does, which is this.

The tree is twenty years old now. Sarah and I having planted it as not much more than a twig all those years ago, soon after she’d first taken on this allotment. And now it’s grown into this magnificence.

Every springtime, from late March into April usually, it flowers. Then there’s usually another lesser flowering in the autumn. Twice every year then, this beauty. Imagine being capable of such brilliance twice a year?

One of the limbs has got a bit long now, up there to its left on the photograph. And we’d been thinking that maybe this time around, when its springtime flowering has finished, we’ll lop it off. To maintain the tree’s picture perfect shape. And so I can more easily sit writing under its shade in the summertime to come. But I’m not so sure we will now. Not after all this beauty.

Sarah says I should tell you the tree is a Magnolia “Iolanthe” and is a Felix Jury hybrid. She also remembered that it cost us £14 the day we bought it back in 2001. Good value then, even if we did think that was a bit steep for a twig at the time. Sarah points out there’s also been this earlier Magnolia Tree post on here, containing a picture of the tiny thing back when it first arrived here in its pot.

And…Sarah also recommends this wonderful article about Magnolias, by Mark and Abbie Jury.

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