I like a good graveyard and on days when I’ve got the time I’ll often come and walk around in one. Liverpool being a sizeable city has half a dozen municipal graveyards as well as others attached to churches. And I always feel better for spending some time in one. Never in a morbid way, they don’t make me feel like that at all. It’s more like they encourage my appreciation of the life and time I have by reminding me I won’t live forever. None of us do, whatever we believe as individuals about the possibility of an afterlife. So time in here this morning made me think about my life and what I’m doing with it. Like time spent in graveyards always does.

This graveyard is called Toxteth Park, though in my mind when I’m walking around I call it Sefton General. Because of the general hospital that used to be next to it, where the Asda is now. And because it’s not really a park. It’s a graveyard and it fascinates me, every time I walk around it in the company of all the Liverpool people remembered here.

‘A just man made perfect’

Some other thoughts in graveyards from a few years ago are gathered here at “A Year to Live”

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