Today I’ve walked over to the allotment to carry on working on my PhD like I usually do. Having made some good progress here yesterday I’d thought I might easily carry on where I left off. But I haven’t, and having thought about it I don’t much mind. Work works better when it comes easily I mostly think. And having realised a week or so back that I needed some time off from working, what I’ve found this morning is simply that I need some more. And besides I was distracted by the tulips.

Sarah and I have planted many more tulips here than have managed to come up yet in this cold spring. And maybe the rest never will come up? You never know with bulbs. But the tulips that have struggled their way up in the growing light but still cold nights are a daily delight when I arrive here. And also a delight that won’t last long.

So if today I’m distracted from my writing by the tulips then so what? The writing will just have to wait. Because the tulips can’t.

Various other posts about the writing of my PhD are here.

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