Because of the third lockdown here in Britain we’d not done this walk, our favourite, since the sixth of December five long months ago, when the walk had ended in the mid-winter dark. Now with spring all around us on the first of May it was time for us to return at last to the Shining Shore.

Beginning outside St Bartholomew’s at Thurstaston.
Up the lane behind the church, Green Alkanet.
The lane as dry as we’ve ever seen it. No serious rain for weeks now.
Today was the first day of Sarah’s new “Grass Identification & Ecology” course.
Down into the Dungeon.
More violets down here than we’ve seen before. Common Dog-violet these.
Cow parsley in a spring meadow.
In Apple Blossom time.
Through Heswall Fields.
Where there are tadpoles.
On a perfect spring day.
May Day
On the Shining Shore.
Our perfect sacred place.
Hoary Cress, a cabbage.
Blue Grass exploring.
High tide just turning by the further collapsing Boulder Clay cliffs.
Up to the clifftop.
The Dee Estuary view.
A secret pond not noticed ’til today.
Pond grasses in afternoon sun.
Along Station Road back to Thurstaston.
Roadside Leucojum.
Cherry Blossom.
And home to identify the first day’s grasses. Nine different kinds.

We’ve walked this walk in all seasons for many years now. Search on ‘Shining Shore’ or ‘Thurstaston’ to see more of them.

And this treat from the Andrews Sisters to finish.

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