It’s a very rainy early Saturday morning here in Liverpool on the kind of day where it looks like the rain’s not going to stop. Which will be good for the allotment garden where I spend so much of my time both writing and gardening these days, though I don’t think I’ll be going there today. Instead I want to show you around a different garden where I spent my afternoon yesterday, the Granby Winter Garden.

I’m one of the volunteers here now, helping to get this beautiful place ready to fully open again when it’s time, which will be soon. Not that it’s taking too much getting ready at all, not really. Because while we’ve all been living quietly, carefully and many of us sheltering, the garden has simply carried on growing. With help and care from Granby people of course, and regular visiting gardener Andrea Ku, the garden is in good shape as you can see. Magnificent shape, actually.

If you don’t know about the Winter Garden this is what Granby people decided to make for themselves as a kind of culmination of all the community led activity that got most of the empty homes in Granby 4 Streets restored and lived in again a few years ago. Two of the empty houses were in a poorer condition than the rest and so would have cost us more than we could afford in the Community Land Trust to turn them back into homes again. But we managed to raise enough other kinds of funding to knock the two houses together, put a glass roof on them and create this beautiful place. The thinking being that it would bring the guerrilla gardening the people here have long done around and along their streets into an inside gathering space as well. And here it is, from a model by architects Assemble to reality.

Soon we’ll be ready to open it up again, and I’ll be letting you know about visiting times and our planned programme of activities you can join in with. And also, you’re going to be able to come and stay here if you like.

Not yet, but soon I’ll be able to let you have booking details. To come and stay in this beautiful place the people of Granby have made out of two community owned terraced houses. A Winter Garden in the city.

There’ll be opening, visiting, activities and booking details coming soon then.

But to finish, a small Winter Garden poem:

Listening to the whispering of the rain on the roof
A whish sound, a hush sound, a pay attention
“Don’t ignore me this is one of the thing’s a glass roof’s for”

Here in this Winter Garden

More about Granby 4 Streets and what we’ve all done so far here.

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  1. A wonderful oasis, almost a hidden gem in Liverpool 8…..well done to all who created it….

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