They’re a kind of onion are the allium. So maybe it sounds mundane to say I’ve had my heart lifted here at the allotment this morning by the emergence of a bunch of onions. But that’s the truth.

They haven’t suddenly emerged, of course, and have clearly been on their way for a few weeks now. But, I don’t know, maybe the much more recent rain falling and the fact that it hasn’t been so cold any more these last few mornings has encouraged them. Encouraged this full and proper emergence of their heart lifting selves.

I mean it’s not as if I don’t have other things to do here at the allotment this morning. In half of my head I’m busy with the writing of my PhD. Where I’m up to the bit in Granby, in 2014, where the years of work and gardening and political activism are finally coming together for us in the Community Land Trust. And we’re about to change our part of the world. Which is what I’m privileged to be writing about, here at the allotment this morning. Rather than sat wasting these several minutes sat glorying in the emergence of the allium, the bluebells and so much else.

But what kind of a life would it be to be too busy to notice such beauty? To not notice the springtime getting properly going? Here at what we call the Sunlight Garden, and which we joke has now become a distanced campus of the university, the sweet peas are in the ground, there are first buds on the roses, flowers on the raspberry bushes and in their border the red geum are out too. We’ve also had glorious tulips mostly finishing now, but soon there will be crimson clover. Then a wildflower meadow to come along with so much else still waking up in the ground. And now these allium. So what kind of a too busy human could be too busy not to take these few precious minutes to notice and and appreciate a life with all of this around them? Not this one. Not now, and here.

Soon I’ll get back to my PhD writing, I will. Then this afternoon I’ll walk over to the Granby Winter Garden to be one of the people getting there ready to open up again. But encouraged and heart-lifted in all of that by all of this. By the taking of these few minutes to notice, photograph and write about these allium.

All sorts of other university writing is here. Though none of it’s about allium.

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