Yes it is!

All being well, and I know that’s still quite a big if, the Street Market will be back on Saturday 3rd July. On Granby Street in Liverpool 8 from 10:00 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon, or so. They’re the essentials and pretty much all you should need to know to get you here to welcome the Street Market back for its twelfth year.

It’s been a long wait and we all know why, and could yet change because that’s the way it is with Covid. But at the moment all looks very promising for Saturday 3rd July being one of the year’s best days.

And what will you find if you come for a visit that day? Well you’ll find the Market in all its respondent glory, and that should be enough. But if you want more details than there’ll be the arts and crafts you’ve loved for years. And there’ll be entertainment, food and all manner else as well. And I know I’ll be adding to this list as we get closer to the date but it looks like this will include:

  • Food from – a whole collection of Pakistani, Somali, Italian, Caribbean, English, Iranian, Chinese stalls
  • Plus coffee, cakes and vegan ones, and snacks of course
  • Entertainment – There will be. Drummers definitely and DJs absolutely with more announcements to come
  • The Winter Garden – we’re working hard for our glorious place to be ready for socially distanced visitors on the day
  • And of course, on the streets of Granby, there’ll be each other

This last being what I’ve most missed myself since the Market last ran in March 2020. Seeing my friends, meeting new people, being with other humans. So after the long months of merely getting by I’m looking forward to all that. Getting a cup of coffee, finding a bench or a wall somewhere, then sitting down and talking to someone missed while the Street Market goes on around us. Such a simple pleasure and one that’s been hard to come by since, well since…

Since this actually, since the Street Market last ran in March 2020 then the Crowdfund the Community Land Trust ran in the summer where so many of you who are probably reading this generously helped us replace all the Market equipment we’d lost in a fire. As this film from last summer explains:

Good then. That andhubfeds of people’s donations all helped get the Market going again. For which, huge thanks from us all.

So the Street Market’s back now. And some final details from the Granby 4 Street Community Land Trust website:

For stall bookings and enquiries please email:

Please visit our Facebook page for more information and updates

New stallholders are asked to complete a new trader form available here. Once we have received your form then you will be added to the potential traders list and will receive details on how to book a stall from Theresa prior to each market.

We’re doing a bit of catch up here to get the first market organised, so please be patient with us!

Be patient, yes, but I think it’s also entirely reasonable to be excited. Because three weeks today, all being well, the Street Market returns!

(Big thanks to Shoot Out the Light Films for interviewing me and editing in some filming I’d done, as it happened, at the last Market in March 2020)

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