Tickets for the film Premiere at the Philharmonic Hall Liverpool now available here

This was wonderful, and it was also my first evening out since before the pandemic. So doubly wonderful. Walking along through L8 to a film for, by and about us all in and around the place. “A love letter to a postcode” being the film’s subtitle.

This was a preview, particularly for those of us in the film or who helped to make it, held at the Tate Gallery down in the Albert Dock, where we could also look around the Don McCullin photography exhibition that’s on there. Relevant because the film is loosely based on the search for the location of a photograph he took somewhere round here fifty years ago.

But the film’s much more than a detective story or even a love story. And talking with the film makers afterwards I described it to them as a whole photo album full of love songs to the place. All different and talked through by each of us in the film, but all deeply loving and appreciative of each other and our wondrous place.

But I’ll say no more, other than suggest you come and see the film yourself as soon as you can. Which will be on September 1st at the Philharmonic Hall. After which it will be released to cinemas. And it’s well worth seeing on the big screen by the way, as the whole thing is made with the care and attention, framing and careful focussing of an exhibition of still photographs. That move and speak, including Don McCullin himself. An absolute treat and a celebration too, though also one that doesn’t ignore for a second the fact that black lives matter and haven’t always, in our Liverpool.

Oh, one last thing. My main job in the film is to use all my historic maps of the area to guess the location of Don McCullin’s photograph. And I get it wrong! For all the ‘encyclopaedic knowledge of the streets of L8’ the film brochure says I have.

Shows no single one of us knows everything about Liverpool 8.

Hugely well done to Daniel Draper, Christie Allanson and Allan Melia, the film makers of Shoot Out The Light. You’ve done the place proud.

Trailer here

Tickets for the film Premiere at the Liverpool Philharmonic now available here

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