It was a wonder and it was wonderful, the Granby Winter Garden reopened today. And from just after 10:30 when we opened to beyond 3 when I locked the door, I didn’t sit down. Me and Eleanor and all the people, all of you so missed friends and new hellos, had so much to say. Like…

What’s happened here? Well it’s a long story but briefly…then that brought us arts funding…No, you’re right, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to…yes, it’s two houses with a glass roof…where the guerrilla gardeners, you know they’ve been planting up the streets for years, 2005 I’d say this push started…against all that…yes it’s a dream they made come true…No, I don’t garden in here myself…But look around…upstairs if you like… Soon? yes, we’ll be starting the events, would you like to volunteer yourself?…Mondays I do oh, and I write…Is that where you read about it?… first Saturday of each month now the Market’s back…how’s it looking down there?… I heard the drums…Oh, that was you?”

It was a wonder and it was wonderful.

Music too, from Mike and his friends and some Japanese 1980s and 90s Elizabeth Alker’s been talking about. And more people than I’ve met since, well before, if you know what I mean. Must’ve been 100 people through there, through here, today. Talked out?

Yes I am.

It was a wonder though and it was wonderful. The Granby Winter Garden reopened today.

And just before it did, I’d sat down and written this. For the place and from inside the quiet waiting.

Rain falling steadily, dripping onto large ferns
With Japanese ambient background
“We are here” everything says to itself,
“We are here, waiting
And that is enough”

It was a wonder. Forty years to the day after the Liverpool 8 Uprising.

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  1. We were two of the visitors today to this wonderful place and enjoyed looking around and talking to you Ronnie.
    A new Liverpool discovery and what a discovery!!

    Thank you.

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