This might very well have never once occurred to you. But say you wanted to get from Wavertree, just by the Mystery, to a meeting in Granby and then to Walton to meet a friend, and you’d decided to walk all the way, how would you do it?

Well as I say, it might never have occurred to you. But if you’ve read this far and now you’re wondering, here’s how, in photographs.

The walking idea came to me when I got up and realised it was going to be perfect July day. Warm and sunny but a bit of a breeze, so not too warm for walking. It would have been a shame not to, and besides, this was about to be my first cross-Liverpool walk since all the lockdowns began.

Beginning at The Mystery where the wildflowers are out.
Along the Secret Alley
To Lawrence Road
Then across Lodge Lane
To Granby4Streets
And my meeting in the Winter Garden.

Where we’re organising things to open again at the next Street Market, in Saturday 7th August. And more often, soon after that.

Then I walked from Granby to Walton.

Along Mulgrave Street
Past Falkner Square and Canning Street
Along Grove Street
Past the University
Including this much talked-up but strangely ugly building
Past the back on site at last new hospital.

Then across the top of the city.

To Everton Road
Along the top of Everton Park
Past the Jewel on the Hill
LFC’s ever expanding stadium just down the hill from here
The river down the hill the other way

And now Walton Road, nearly to where I’m going.

Popular again this year
This used to be Liverpool Housing Trust’s North office, one of the places I used to work.
And up the road from here is where I was born
In a street the other side of Everton’s ground

In it’s late days now plans to build a new one down at the docks are moving on, probably.

And this is where I’m meeting my friend Jane
The place is called The Garden now

And good and friendly it is too. We were too busy talking to eat, but if we had there are vegan and vegetarian options, plus lots of cakes.

Time passed, two hours or so of many details conversation. It having been a year or more since we’d last met during a brief lockdowns relief, when Jane had walked over to me. She’s a street photographer so walking is the natural way around the city for her as well.

But all too soon it was almost time for me to catch the bus home, walking done for the day.

First though I wanted to photograph the street photographer. Her being mostly always on the other side of a camera. And we decided just outside Goodison Park would be a good and historic place for this.

Dave Hickson, Bob Latchford, Dixie Dean…
And Jane MacNeil
My friend Jane

Thank you for saying yes to the photographs Jane.

Then I got the 68 back home to Wavertree.

A lovely day, back out on so many of the streets of Liverpool after all this time.

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  1. Lovely pics Ronnie.
    Many places that I no longer recognise having spent decades living in Milton Keynes, though I did feel nostalgic seeing some of the shots around Walton. I have only recently unearthed a lot of detail of my great grandfather’s life in Walton and Kirkdale. He built a successful grocery business and owned shops on Hale Rd and 205 Walton Road.
    Thanks for such treasures.

  2. Looks a great walk to do on a beautiful day like today has been. Very interesting route. Must try it out one day.

  3. It’s sad to see there’s still so much decay in the Walton area. I lived in Walton Village as a lad and worked on site on Netherfield Rd near the library around ‘78. Used to have my butties and a bottle of Guinness in The Merebank pub.
    Great memories, thank you, Nev

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