In this summer of continuing pandemic and therefore still nervous travel for many of us it’s been wonderful to be taken on a journey across Yorkshire with Petroc Trelawny on BBC Radio3.

And as I write this early on a Friday morning I’m listening to Petroc who’s speaking from up inside the top of the Spurn Point Lighthouse. He’s at the mouth of the Humber Estuary, on the final day of this week’s journey. From the source of the River Are high in the hills of Yorkshire, the team of them have travelled down along the Ouse through York yesterday and now today at Spurn, their journey’s end. Magnificent radio, and I’ve not missed a minute. Waking early each day and getting up with that eager feeling of holiday and sunny expectation.

Then through the week I’ve been gathering much of the Yorkshire and other musics he’s played, (some I already had, much I’ve bought) for a high summer Yorkshire playlist of my own. Public service broadcasting then of the highest imaginable quality. Discoveries made all week of new composers. Live music too along the way. In the hills, at Jervaulx Abbey, in the Minster yesterday. And these photographs Petroc has posted on Twitter along his and the radio team’s journey.

Hearing the music in its contexts and sometimes with its composers’ friends and teachers has worked beautifully. The known and unknown. That the previously heard Ernest Farrar was Gerald Finzi’s composition teacher making entire sense played next to each other. The sequencing of “If Ye Love Me” by Thomas Tallis into “Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet” from Gavin Bryars. Unexpectedly perfect.

I could go on, but I don’t need to. It’s all there for you on BBC Sounds.

Go and listen.

Well done Petroc, well done entire team from BBC Radio3.

My own Yorkshire River Journey Playlist:

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  1. Ronnie, I have literally just finished listening. What a lovely way to spend a couple of hours (and I could follow on Google maps!). Thanks for finding this.
    And commenting on your weight loss regime, well done you. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it, and you look fab!
    Inspiration sent to my son, who was complaining today about the difficulties of losing weight.
    Take care

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Sally. Petroc is sounding a little constrained back in his studio this week! He did another of these journeys, along the Severn, before the pandemic. But that’s not on the BBC anywhere I can find now.

      And glad you think my way of losing the necessary weight might help your son. As I said, and with encouragement, it’s been a pleasure really. The lack of real food easily outweighed by the satisfaction of becoming light so quickly.

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