Sustainable and Resilient Cities: Liverpool Podcasts

New Series 2 podcast from historian Emily Kearon-Warrilow out now Series 1&2: Listen here As well as socially working on our respective PhDs Abi O'Connor and I are producing podcasts together for the University of Liverpool. Series One completed, and Series Two now underway. Exploring how postgraduates like ourselves are responding to the Covid crisis [...]

Mosses & Lichen in Late November

As we set off from the the car park near the Shining Shore we worked out that, roughly, we must have done this walk around seventy times now. On half a dozen or more occasions a year for the past thirteen or fourteen. But like all good walks you never walk the same one twice, [...]

Deathscapes and the Future

This, the latest in the continuing series of podcasts Abi O'Connor and I are producing is about death, and particularly deathscapes. Those places where we take our dead. Places of remembering and other cultural significances, but also places of political geography as we now know from our interview for this podcast with Cameron Byron. Cameron [...]

All Things Are Quite Silent: Anna Lapwood

It begins with a low hum, no words and a whooshing sound like a wind from somewhere, through leaves in a forest perhaps. Before the choirs fully enter for an hour of music that has charmed my whole day, since Elizabeth Alker played some of it on the early Saturday morning programme that's always one [...]

On the Arrival of Hope

In which hope arrives, and is then exercised Hope is a contagious emotion, and in a time of contagion I'll take all the hope I can grasp. Like the hope and faith in the future I've been grasping all year from being so much in nature, the hope and belief in democracy I've nurtured and [...]

The Art of Conversation: Series One

Sustainable and Resilient Cities, Liverpool: The complete Series One In a year of precious few unexpected joys this has been an unexpected joy. The making of a whole series of podcasts with my friend Abi O'Connor that we've both enjoyed working on so much that we've already started Series Two. Which will begin soon. But [...]


Out beyond Southport, on the way towards Preston is today's walk location, full of treasure and interest. Even if a first glance might lead you to think it's at the bleak end of nowhere, it is in fact a very special somewhere. Welcome to the Marsh. In a way it's two marshes, separated by a [...]