Walking to Work

For today's blog post I've decided to continue with the general walking theme I've been writing about for the past few days. Partly because walking is a big part of what I do and noticing the beauty of autumn therefore follows. But also because of what else is happening around us right now. With Covid [...]

An Otterspool Walk

I've done this walk loads of times, at times it's even been a run, but believing that you never step in the same river twice I also believe you never quite do the same walk twice. So here it is again. Leaving home in Wavertree, along Penny Lane and Ibbotson's Lane, down to Aigburth Vale, [...]

The Far End of Queen’s Drive

In all the lockdown shrinking of our worlds this year I nearly forgot to go and look at what happens to the far end as every autumn begins. This is the far end of Queen's Drive, Liverpool's major ring road. It starts all the way round the city in Bootle and for most of its [...]

In The Japanese Garden

I never did subscribe to the idea that our John was any kind of a saint. I think we all know he wasn't. In fact what first attracted me to him and the music he helped make, when it lit a rocket under my childhood, was that he was clearly a little rough around the [...]

Because of The Street Market

Just before the successful completion of the Crowdfunder to replace all that was lost in the fire a month earlier, some personal reflections on the importance of Granby Street Market. Without the Street Market nothing else that's been achieved in Granby over these last few years would have happened. It's been that important. I first [...]