The Secret Cathedral

Earlier this year, when I showed you Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral, I said we'd be back to take a look at its Roman Catholic counterpart, down the other end of Hope Street. Yesterday, on a sopping wet day of constant rain this happened. It also happened to be Sarah's birthday. But before we get to the [...]


A lot of the Friday Walks Sarah and I regularly take are rural, and some are determinedly urban. But some are not quite either. Sometimes we walk in the Edgelands. And these are the places this nicely contrarian book, by Paul Farley and Michael Symmons Roberts, is about. These two poets, one from Manchester, one [...]

The Silence of the Streets

Update - This post is from September 2012. Today, in July 2013, Liverpool City Council decided to demolish the 440 homes in the Welsh Streets. Silenced. Oh no they're not. As of now April 2017, they're not demolished and work has begun. I've been reading, and it's got me thinking. I don't know why it [...]

2012: Friday Walks, Everton and Liverpool

Normally on Fridays, the day we walk rather than work, we set off for coastal places. But this week, being a momentous week in the history of Liverpool, we decided to walk closer to home. In the hills of Everton, and down the valley to Anfield. I used to work up here as part of [...]

Never forgotten

Today has been a special day in Liverpool. A day of truth and vindication. The day the Prime Minister of the day at last said 'I am profoundly sorry' for something that happened over twenty three years ago. On 15th April 1989 ninety six Liverpool football supporters were killed during a match at Hillsborough, in [...]

The story of A Sense of Place 5: Reinvention time

Autumn 1997 now and we continue with our mix of personal 'change your life' sort of work - most of our work at this stage - and some work around being more creative in organisations. And Sarah continues with one of the still abiding habits of her lifetime, and goes on a course in September [...]