The story of A Sense of Place: An interlude

As I thought about and started to write this it was early December 2012. The time of the year when people are starting to think and ask about 'What have been the best things?' In fact, someone had just asked. And amongst much else, this has been one of the best things of the year. [...]

When the racing cars came to Liverpool

You could hear them from the street where we lived. The high pitched whines as they braked, cornered and accelerated. The racing cars, practising at Aintree. Just three miles away across the fields. We so wanted to go. And good enough, our Dad took us. He'd been more of a bikes fan, going to TT [...]

A perfect day

One of the most read posts on the blog this year has been 'Busy doing nothing.' Written on  a balmy early summer's day, this celebrated one of the great joys of self-employment. The freedom to do nothing, if all else is well, and if you feel like it. Today was another such day. Not balmy [...]

The Dartington Experiment

During our work with social enterprises and the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) we'd often hear talk of Dartington Hall. Gemma of Plot 44 had even been there as part of her own SSE programme a couple of years ago. We'd heard how important it had been as a centre for art throughout the 20th century, and [...]

Running Free: An opinionated guide to urban running

When I started my 'Running Free' series of posts I thought they would be, well, a series. Like The Friday Walks, only running. This has proved to be not so, and I've been wondering why? Most obviously it's because running is a hard one to capture, especially if you like to run an illustrated blog, [...]

Housing in Liverpool, and me: 1975-1981

Some more memories of my early days in housing, following my experiences in Liverpool City Council earlier in the 70s. More like a campaign than working. So it's late 1975 and I've finally managed to talk my way into Liverpool Housing Trust. I'm still at University, but my sociology degree isn't taking up all of my [...]