The Friday Walks – The Welsh Streets

Friday's walk didn't cover too many miles, not really. But it took ten years. I'll explain more in a bit, when we get to the Welsh Streets. Setting out on today's urban Friday Walk, it's a darkly autumnal day and it's clearly going to rain. But not yet, setting off along Ullet Road. Opened in [...]

A year to live: A quietening down of the rage to succeed

Thinking more about my 'A year to live' post. And a story from my friend Sarah Jones. A response to the post  from Robert Day got me thinking when, after telling his story of leaving the wrong job behind and how it was going he'd said: "So: I take from your post something that I’ve [...]

A year to live

I've been thinking about writing this post for a while and now something BBC journalist Helen Fawkes has written has prompted me to get on with it. Helen has been diagnosed with incurable ovarian cancer, and told she will die some time within the next five years, possibly within the next few months.  And one [...]

The beauty of lists

I love a good list and am a sucker for articles and blog posts about '7 things to do this weekend' or '10 things we learned from...' So imagine my delight when I started reading this list on SevenStreets called '33 things we love about Liverpool right now.' Some of the stuff I knew about [...]

Inspecting Liverpool, part two

So, continuing my Sunday walk this week. It's a beautiful, sunny day. And having walked to the Bold Street Festival, through Granby, Canning and down the hill from Hope Street, now I'm outside St George's Hall. I get off at Walton Lane and walk along Bullens Road to the first place I want to see. [...]

Inspecting Liverpool, part one

I've been doing this for years. No one asked me and no one thanks me, but someone's got to do it. Check how the place is doing. So every now and then, particularly when it's a nice day, I take my camera and my curiosity and go where my feet, and the occasional bus take [...]