The Friday Walks

We still go walking, of course we do. But not every Friday like we used to. For the whole of a year, last year, I wrote about our walks every week, more or less. A couple had to be called off during the howling gales and rains of last summer. This year would have been [...]

The Last Tram

When I was very young much of my travelling about up and down Walton Road and into town was by tram. And I've always loved them. Later on I'd get on them in Blackpool and love the way you could move the backs of the seats depending which way you were heading. And later still [...]

Africa in the Park

At last, after two years and a rained off 2012, Africa came back to the Park. The rain overnight had been torrential so I don't know if I might walk in on a quagmire. Today we'll see musicians and performers from Ghana, Congo, Cape Verde and Cuba. The day is surprisingly fine, and Africa Oyé [...]

Madmen, drummers, bummers, and Indians in the summer

Writing about Probe Records the other day reminded me of this earlier experience. It's 1973, I'm 19 years old, working in a Liverpool City Council housing office before starting at the University in the autumn, and I'm about to have a very good day. A day I remember large bits of very clearly, even now. [...]

Thank you for the days

Back in Liverpool now, Saturday dawns sunny and we have our second joint run of the week. Running round the lake we see all seven cygnets and both remaining goslings (yes, down to two as of a week or so ago) with their parents, all well. No photos of course, we were running after all. (See Sunday [...]


For the third of this week's posts about our holiday on Anglesey we're going on a walk, on a Nature Trail, unlike any walk either of us has been on before.The sunshine of the last two idyllic days of cliff walking, lighthouse climbing and wildflower exploring has gone, so it's a cloudy Monday morning as [...]