Running Free: Where’s the water?

This is not a new running route, you'll have done this one before (you are keeping up aren't you?). But it's a real favourite of mine. I call it the Otterspool 10k, a rough estimate, but Sarah agrees with me and she's done enough 10k's to know. Out of our house on a misty November [...]

Walking with Greg: Lost Liverpool in late Autumn

As you'll know if you follow this blog, on Fridays Sarah and I walk. In fact, so popular have these proved with readers, they have their own section on the blog. But there are other walks. Which happen because of friendship. But also to discuss ideas. Because ideas tend to flow more easily when you're [...]


It looks like a different world to now. People look more nervous in the photographs, like they're not used to being in them. And though there is colour in some of the photographs, it's often tinted in. This is a world that was lived mostly in black and white. On the relatively few televisions. In [...]

The story of A Sense of Place 6: Crossing the century

Into 1999, the end of the century, and our reinvention of the previous year has worked spectacularly. We are busy. And yes, the house has gained a stylish new couch. We no longer sit on the floor all the time. As well as continuing to run our successful Creativity courses, our aim of taking elements of [...]

Granby 4 Streets, what’s going on?

And so the news we've been expecting for a week now has broken this morning. "LIVERPOOL Council bosses have pulled the plug on a £25m scheme to regenerate derelict housing in the city. Marc Waddington's article in the Liverpool Echo confirms that the latest possibility in the long struggle for justice and refurbishment of the last [...]

Another Way: From Sevenstreets to our street

Recently we were featured in our own favourite Liverpool blog, SevenStreets. And here's what they had to say about us. Today's post by guest blogger David Lloyd of SevenStreets. 'Got that Monday morning feeling? Is there another way to make it through the week without the nine to five grind? For one enterprising couple, the [...]