Living for the City, going back to Granby

Five years ago now Liverpool was the European Capital of Culture, oh yes it was. And that year one of our proudest and most loved cultural items was the Superlambanana, a surrealistic cross between, well it's obvious. But where has this beloved beast ended up? Read on to find out. June is here and it [...]

Observing Liverpool, the Battle of the Atlantic

Today's sunny meanderings took in the sad remnant of the Liverpool Show on the Mystery, the thronged remembering of the Battle of the Atlantic down on the river, making sure the goslings and the cygnets are all right in Sefton Park (they are) and tea on the allotment with Sarah and Gemma. The Mystery, just [...]

Lost and Found

A story of a place lost and one about to be found again. Mourning somewhere gone, with photographs found years ago in the Liverpool Central Library, which opens its doors once again, this Friday. The Library closed for major regeneration works three years ago. And since then, its archive of historical photographs has had to be [...]

Who are you?

I don't mean the song by The Who, though it is a very good later days Who song. I really mean 'Who are you?' How would you describe yourself in as few words as possible? How might you be described after you'd died? I'd been thinking about this matter of self-definition for two reasons, one [...]

One picture

Today's post is a meditation on one picture. Sent to me by blog reader Stan Cotter. Here it is: The photograph was taken by Stan in, he thinks, 1959 or 1960 and it's: "On what we called the Revue Field in Sefton Park. In the background is Brompton Avenue, Croxteth Road and Ullet Road, all [...]

Walking with Greg: The Dockers’ Steps in Springtime

A further seasonal instalment in our 'Walking with Greg' series. A day off working, to walk around with a friend in the Springtime sunshine. Well, it was sunny some of the time. Sarah won't be coming out with us as she's running a Ceremony for someone later today. So we're soon off along Penny Lane [...]