The story of A Sense of Place 1: The idea

Beginning the story of the business Sarah Horton and I ran together from 1995, which later became the title of this blog. It's 1993 and Sarah and I have recently started living together in Liverpool. Each day she drives off to her job in Manchester, while I just go a couple of miles down the [...]

Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?

As of April 2018 I've been writing this blog for six years. This is one of my first posts from back then, about Jeanette Winterson's memoir. I bought this book for Sarah late last year. She was having what we hope will be her final post breast cancer surgery, and I knew she'd need something [...]

Working with Granby residents

From 2011, long before redevelopment. Remembering how the work with Granby residents began. During 2011 I started working with the residents of Granby in Liverpool. I was passionate about doing all I could to help them work out what kinds of things they wanted for their beloved place - and we were already seeing things begin to happen. So [...]