Listening to David Bowie – The Next Day

So here it is, 'The Next Day.' Heavily trailered by the surprise release of one song 'Where are we now?' a couple of months ago. All melodic longing beautifully expressed. And of course, I should have guessed, there's nothing else here on 'The Next Day' sounds even remotely like it. He's being that David Bowie [...]


Catching up on things in and around our world, the evolving story of life. Is it another cold Spring, or a late Winter? Hard to tell, but the light's increasing by the day, so the crocuses are out, the blossoms are beginning, and therefore I think it's fair to say that, on balance, it's Spring. [...]

Defend every library

Update, 7th March. Liverpool City Council vote to close libraries. In many places across Britain public libraries, curiously, are at the front of the queue when 'austerity measures' are up for discussion. Liverpool, European Capital of Culture in 2008 remember,  is sadly no exception. This morning the Liverpool Echo reported this, from Liverpool Town Hall: [...]

Ice Cream, Lemonade & Crisps in the 1960s

Food in the 1960s: What else were we eating? Those two scamps from Miss Judge's class back in 1964, Barry Ward and Ronnie Hughes, on what else they were stuffing their cheery faces with back in those childhood days. Well we've looked at 'proper' food and found it was actually quite good. And we've looked [...]

Remembering George Henry Lee

At the weekend there was considerable interest here and on Twitter in my ramble around downtown Liverpool. A good number of people were particularly interested in the 'fold in time' photos of one of Liverpool's most treasured department stores, just before it closed, back in 2016 (Having ended it's days as a George Henry Lee/John [...]

The things we have lost: The Overhead

A baby memory, and a recurring dream of my childhood this one. I am gently rocking, in and out of sleep, on something moving. Sounding a bit like a train, but much more 'woody' than the steel rails I will come to hear later. I am on the Liverpool Overhead Railway, and my disappointed parents [...]