Social Enterprise Champions in London

I've told you before about our work with HCT, Britain's largest social enterprise bus company. Eight hundred people work for them, in London, Leeds, Wakefield, Hull, Bristol and the Channel Islands. We've been running programmes with them for the last two years aimed at educating and inspiring groups of their people, mainly bus drivers, about the [...]

Granby 4 Streets, June and July Markets

Below is our report of the June Market. We didn't get to the July one because we were away camping. On the last Saturday of May we had a gloriously sunny day for the Granby 4 Streets May Market and we all had a wonderful time. In June the 4 Streets Market was effectively part [...]

Running free: Lost Liverpool

First in a new occasional series from Ronnie. Running, who'd have thought it? I love running. A simple enough sentence, you might think? But not one I'd have been able to write for most of my life. I couldn't see the point. There they'd go. Trundle, trundle, round the outside of Sefton Park. And the [...]

My Memorial Bench: A Continuing Story

A story begun in 2001, written up here in 2011, then updated just before Christmas 2017. You know those benches that you see in public parks, with little plaques on with people's names and dates on them? Well, I've got one. No dates on it, as I am not, of course, as of this current [...]

The story of A Sense of Place 3: And then we get married

Continuing the story of us. We've just left our jobs. It's November 1996 and we feel like we've just done the bravest thing we will ever do. And we also feel like we're kind of 'in recovery' from having been employed by others for so long. Some mornings this feels exhilarating, but others our new [...]

Granby 4 Streets, the May Market

Glorious sunshine for a street market day. Ronnie walks us round. Today was perfect for a street market. And from early morning Cairns Street in Granby, Liverpool 8 got itself ready for a perfect day. Gazebos set up, stalls filled, music turned on. and soon the people started to arrive, knowing it's the last Saturday [...]