For years now, from even before I began writing this blog in 2012, I’ve loved wandering round Liverpool finding new ideas. It’s how I’ve got involved in some of the best ideas I’ve ever heard. Ideas like Granby 4 Streets, Homebaked and, more recently, Kitty’s Launderette. Ideas I’d write about as the blog got going, so more people could get to hear about them.

But since I started putting so much of my time into my own University work I haven’t had so much time left over for wandering round. But I still do, a bit, and I still get to know about people’s new ideas. And duly write about them on here when I can. Just not as often as I used to.

So I’ve had a new idea of my own, for this new section of my blog. Which will feature short, very short, articles about new ideas as and when I come across them. To start getting the word out and link you to wherever you might be able to find out more about them.

Ideas about helping to make your place work better somehow. In some sort of social or community way.

Like the one I’m going to start this off with, about Raising The Ralla in Kirkdale. Friends of mine I’ve been ‘meaning to’ write about for a while. Well this will be a short introduction to what they do and want to do, along with their local community.

Then when and if I do get more time I’ll very occasionally be able to write longer and more detailed pieces on new ideas. Like the recent ones listed below about Homegrown Collective and Foundation School of Martial Arts.

But mostly this is going to be short and newsy pieces. To help with getting things going, be they for brand new initiatives, or new ideas from established places, like the Granby Winter Garden that’s also listed here.

And this itself is a new idea, of course. So let’s see how it goes?

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