The Friday Walks

Every now and then my partner Sarah and I will turn off our phones, make our packed lunches, go somewhere, and walk. We don’t work, this is our time. Time for noticing what is happening. Time for being together. Time to slow time down.

We’ve done this for several years now. And for all of 2012 we decided to take all Fridays off work and document our walks for a whole year. And here they are, listed below.

We repeated some of our favourite walks throughout the year. Because it wasn’t just about the walking. None of them were challenging routes. It was more about really getting to know the places. What’s growing, what’s happening, what’s dying back, what’s new, what’s gone. Walking in rhythm with the seasons, and our heartbeats, and the times of our lives.

Nearly all of the walks were in or near the place where we live, Liverpool. Some urban, many rural, and nearly all of them involving the coast at some point.

And every now and then we’d go further afield.

Sarah on Ynys Llanddwyn, Anglesey.

We still walk regularly, though not always on Fridays, and I still write about them occasionally on the blog – just search on ‘walking.’ But here is the completed story of one year of walking and recording it all in words and pictures.

The Friday Walks, 2012