For many years now I’ve been involved with the people in Granby 4 Streets, helping them to sort out the future of their place. A place now widely celebrated for what they’ve achieved and the truly community led way they’ve done it.

These are by no means all of the posts I’ve done about Granby 4 Streets in Liverpool 8. But they’re enough to tell you my own story of what’s been happening as these last 4 original streets of Granby enter a future that, for a long time, they weren’t expecting to get.

A collection of stories really: of a determined community; of multiple failed regeneration initiatives; the coming together of a Community Land Trust that has achieved so much; and the gradual revival of a place by its people. The deepest community led learning of my life.

My own history in Granby goes back to the early days of my housing career in the 1970s and I continue to be a member of the Granby 4 Streets Community Land Trust.

Here are the stories so far:

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