For many years now I’ve been involved with the people in Granby 4 Streets, helping them to reinvent the future of their place. A place now widely celebrated for what they’ve achieved so far and the truly community led way they’ve done it. A collection of stories are here: of a determined community; of multiple failed regeneration initiatives; then the gradual revival of a place by its own people. The deepest community led learning of my life and where I continue to be a member of their Community Land Trust.

But this is an archive of more than these Granby blog posts. An archive I’ve been putting together as part of the PhD I’m currently writing. which is called ‘Particular cases of the possible’ and includes work on how a good many of us in particular places in and around Liverpool have been going about the activist business of creating better lives in better places over this last decade or so. So not just a Granby archive, as you’ll see. Because activisms, I’m thinking, don’t just happen in one neighbourhood or area of concern. They leak into each other as groups of friends help each other out, as so many of us have done over the years you can read about here.

So this is a living archive I’m still adding to as I work on the PhD, which I’m also planning to publish on here in its own series of blog posts before when it’s done. The pulling of this archive together, early in 2021, being itself a part of my conscious roles separation of having now become a social researcher into activist work that was never originally viewed or intended as research at all. So that now when I’m working as a volunteer in Granby, still at their request, this separation needs carefully handling. So that when I’m helping out I’m as fully activist as they are. And the other times, when I’m the researcher, are clear to all, including me. It’s a challenge, of course.

Anyway, here are the stories of a decade and more’s activism. Preceded by some foundations on how this helping out and and working with communities on better lives in better places came about. This is the work of my life, which continues.

And there will be more. It’s a living archive after all.

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