Walking with me

I walk a lot and have done for years, as you might notice if you read through this blog. And you can walk with me if you want? If a long conversation, just me and you, about your direction, your life and things you might do next would help then get in touch.

How it works is we have a phone conversation to talk through what you might want and so we can decide if walking with me is the right thing for us both. Then we fix a date to go on a day’s walk together, in Liverpool where I live. Some time after the walk we can then have a follow up conversation for general reflections and to see how you’re getting on with particular ideas we’ve discussed on the walk.

It all costs £250. Not chargeable of course until after our phone conversation and deciding on the walk. Then the walk can usually happen within the next few weeks, to suit us both.

Below are a small selection of my walks, though these are not the ones I do with individuals about their own lives and work. Those walks are always entirely confidential.

And loads more on the blog. Just search on ‘walking’.