I’m now doing an MA and PhD at the University of Liverpool, studying sociology and history. Begun in September 2018, this is due to take me four years and like the other work I’ve done I’m writing about it on here. As well as the subjects and research, I’m writing about the whole experience. Of going into this level of academic work so many years after my first degree. Working on the craft of becoming a social scientist after so many practical years of working with communities and enterprises in their places, particularly Liverpool.

Obviously the academic work I’ll do will be related to what I’ve been working on for most of my life, it can’t be otherwise. But I’m now looking at things I thought I knew about in new ways, and learning and thinking about entirely new things too. Like what’s a sociological imagination, and what about deep listening? Why might it be a good idea to deconstruct history? Who’s been left out of the story, why was that and what effects has it had on how we live now?  Much more about such things, and more besides, as I get deeper into this reading, writing, researching and thinking about life.

I also want to write about how it all feels, too. Going back and doing academic things after so much time away. Changing the working habits of a lifetime and working in the kind of academic culture I’ve long viewed as remote from on the streets realty. Is that even true? And how is it all working out?

Well, read on and let’s see?

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