Deathscapes and the Future

This, the latest in the continuing series of podcasts Abi O’Connor and I are producing is about death, and particularly deathscapes. Those places where we take our dead. Places of remembering and other cultural significances, but also places of political geography as we now know from our interview for this podcast with Cameron Byron. Cameron […]

My Day in Funeral Land

Sarah, in case you didn’t know, has been working as an Independent Funeral Celebrant for four years now. Here she takes us through one of her days. A fascinating and gently observant account of helping three families through what will happen to us all one day. ✹ “Here’s my day. 8.30am. Breakfast in my car […]

Wandering About: Walton and Orrell Park

When I left the house for a Friday Walk on an actual Friday I had, as so often, no idea where I was going. But walking round the corner I had an idea. The weather was dreich, to use a lovely Scottish word. Cold, rainy, overcast and dull. Kind of like I was in a cloud. […]