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Home, the place where you can grow up happily, knowing it’s always going to be your home. Welcome home this little one from us at Coming Home Liverpool.No apologies at all for not having written much on here lately, Jayne Lawless and I have been busy. As the two partners in Coming Home Liverpool we’ve been busy creating our first home for a family in North Liverpool. And now it’s done and they’re all moved in. On a fair rent and a permanent tenancy.Yesterday there was a celebration at the house. A celebration you can listen to from the links at the top and the foot of this post. Continue reading “Home”

I remember: 25 years ago

It’s about a quarter to four on 15th April 1989. I’m on my own in the place where I was living then. A Saturday afternoon, working on songs, doing my music while everyone else is out. But my mind is not entirely on my music because I know that Liverpool, Liverpool Football Club, are playing in the semi-final of the FA Cup, against Nottingham Forest, at Hillsborough, in Sheffield. So, around half-time I turn the radio on to hear how they are doing.


For some years now I’ve been telling myself I don’t particularly care how they are doing. That football’s not that important to me. That, in fact, in these difficult 1980s where all Liverpool’s had going for it has been the successes of Liverpool and Everton, football has become an ‘opiate of the masses.’ But, despite this Marxist thinking, I always know how they’re doing. I always know where they are and who they’re playing. And I always know what time they’re kicking off. I’m from Liverpool, you just do.

Which is why I turn on BBC Radio Merseyside at a quarter to four on 15th April 1989. To hear how they’re doing at half time. Continue reading “I remember: 25 years ago”

The Paradise Project

The making of Liverpool One.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll probably know that I have arguments with Liverpool One. Loved by many and successful though it is, I don’t go there much, preferring a more independent version of Liverpool around the fringes of our moved city centre. I’m also unhappy with the privatised nature of the streets, signed over to the Duke of Westminster for 250 years.


But enough. I’ve written elsewhere about all that. So this is a post mainly about the wonder of a large scale building project and largely based on the observations of a single day.

On 16th April 2005 Sarah and I took our cameras for a walk around what was then being called ‘The Paradise Project’ – first the model, then the reality.

Sarah looking at the giant model in the shop where it lived in Lord Street.
Sarah looking at the giant model in the shop where it lived in Lord Street.

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Photographing ordinary things

If you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time you’ll know that, aside from our work and my life with Sarah, one of the main things I do is walk around photographing things. Sometimes extraordinary, like a magnificent landscape, a surprising wildflower or the new baby goslings on the lake. But more often I delight in the ordinary. Knowing that the ordinary is as temporary as everything else and, one day, is as likely to delight or interest us as anything else is. Like, if you were to offer to show me the following two photographs or ones of the Grand Canyon or somewhere else I’ve never been, most days I’d say ‘Show me the Garston ones.’

Saunby Street, Garston in 2002. Awaiting demolition.
Saunby Street, Garston in 2002. Awaiting demolition.
Along with much else of 'Under the Bridge'.
Along with much else of ‘Under the Bridge’ back then.

Sometimes I’ll capture the ordinary shortly before I know it’s going. Or occasionally I’ll capture it accidentally. Continue reading “Photographing ordinary things”